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Franksen goes way back in the history of Frankfurt's electronic scene. Hosting Germany's eldest radio DJ Show, today's YOU FM Clubnight, since more than ten years. As a DJ, producer and music journalist (for BEAT magazine) he claims his own style on an endless groove journey. Franksen appeared on Deep- and Techhouse labels from Suara or Dieb.Audio to Salted Music and more. Since 2009 he released a string of fine tracks with collabo partners, 2012 was his time to go solo. Franksen released on Stir 15, Audiothentica, Mainakustik, Amused Records, Kaato Music and many more since then. His Plastic City EP seals his established musical friendship with our label. Two originals spreading from lazy, dusty and percussive vibes together with studio partner Redux, to elegantly polished house in a slight garage fashion. Soulful & danceable, with remixes coming from beloved mastermind Terry Lee Brown Jr. (TLB) as well as established Plastic City artist Tom Bucher. Franksen, Redux - Busta Feel TLB featured ?Busta Feel? on the last ?Terry's Café? edition. The percussive workout, the chords and mighty wailing bass make it a track that initially wraps around you like a warm blanket. A feel which is sooo right! Franksen, Redux - Busta Feel / Terry Lee Brown Jr. Mix Vibes king TLB transfers the laid back original to a more clubby realm. Making sure his trademark stamp of dubby chords and spaces can be heard and felt at any time of the night. Just choose ?' whenever! Franksen ?' Feel Baby Garage light, you might say. The slow and sexy groove appeals to those who love their Deephouse soulful. The vocals convey the message with loads of feeling. The perfect blend for starting a night full of vibes! Franksen ?' Feel Baby / Bucher Remix Tom Bucher of Tojami Sessions fame delivers a demandingly sweet tech-house interpretation in total Plastic City manner. Everything is atomized, overdubbed and yet straightened. Now feel this, baby!

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1: Franksen - Feel Baby
2: Franksen - Feel Baby (Bucher Remix)
3: Franksen & Redux - Busta Feel
4: Franksen & Redux - Busta Feel (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)

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