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Plastic City Backyard Files
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True temples of peace could be find in many cities behind the facades of houses. Green idylls shielded from the bustling noise of the streets. Even a large town such as Plastic City has this shady backyards. Maybe something grows beside the music flow of the label sound, but this alternative vibe also represent several Plastic City artists. Terry Lee Brown Junior combed through the quiet courtyards of Plastic City and put together this new brilliant Complilation from this small pearls from the label archives. With sounds from The Timewriter, J. Axel, MSMS, Babak Shayan or Terry Lee Brown Junior himself, the Compilation is laidback, downtempo and chill and tears open the gate widely to the backyards of Plastic City!

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1: The Timewriter - Lonely
2: J. Axel & Astrid Suryanto - Start Receiving
3: Oscar Barila & Maiki - Dancing to the Moonlight
4: Msms - Salvation
5: Babak Shayan - Silence Has No Meaning
6: The Timewriter - So Fragile (On My Own)
7: J. Axel - One With The City
8: DKMA Presents Andrastea - Seek N Find
9: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Moody Afternoon
10: Tojami Sessions - Dusk
11: Bucher & Kessidis - Nana
12: G-Pal - Breathe (Interlude)
13: Mark O Sullivan - Earthbound
14: Lukas Greenberg - New Time
15: Forteba - Fortune In Your Hand feat. Virag
16: Stryke - As Long We're Together (Reprise)
17: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Delightful Encounter
18: The Timewriter - The Language of Love
19: Various Artists - Plastic City Backyard Files (Continuous DJ-Mix By Terry Lee Brown Junior)

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