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Hector vs Mikel
Plastic City

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Hector hails from Guadalajara, Mexico and began DJing at the age of 16 when he heard visiting European DJs play on their rare trips to his city. Inspired by the sounds of Carl Craig, Moodyman, the Timewriter & Terry Lee Brown Jr., Hector soon came to realize that his future lay in music. He began to dj in one of the best clubs in Mexico, Bar Americas, run by Ramon Gonzales who has since become one of Hector’s biggest supporters and a big influence on helping Hector get where he is today. After a strong start in his home country, Hector headed for England, fell in love with the capital’s music scene and has remained there ever since.Spinning in Ibiza, he befriended Simon Rigg, boss of Phonica Records (the nucleus of London’s house and techno community), and started a part-time job at the Soho store upon his return to London. 2010 is shaping up to be a big year for Hector: working closely with Pablo Cahn, Dyed Soundorom, Alex Picone, Anthea & Celler and Massimo Di Lena, he is focusing on his production and djing, With so many big projects in development, this is set to be the breakthrough year of Hector’s career. The self-confessed fetishist skateboard and House loyalists Mikel has had a colorful musical socialization. In mature years he found his passion for electronic sounds. Interim HR XXL club sets by Sven Vath and many visits to the Dorian Grey and Omen, he gathered together his personal vinyl pool that was to accompany him in subsequent years by the clubs in the country. After a short musical abstinence beginning of the millennium he returned with a bang back in the picture? Along with the Circus Records imprint he made his own success in respect of national and international level. Especially since found its way into the recordbag´s of electronic DJ´s a la Ritchie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Nick Curly, etc. Big City Beats published in 2009, "Amigos," which is hailed as one of the most powerful tech-house tunes of the same year. And .2010 he opened in Darmstadt acts magenta Club, which has been lovingly opening could be carried out national and international top acts establish compiled lineup and at the same time as the residency and Mikel's Circus Records. Now we could present both together on one release. Hector vs Mikel - Mabing is the first colaboration single release on the Mannheim based label Plastic City.

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A1 Tres Equis (Original)
A2 Tres Equis (Mikel Remix)
B1 Mabing (Original)
B2 Mabing (Hector Remix)

Also available as: MP3

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