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The Timewriter
Flicking Pages (Remixes)
Plastic City

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Plastic City brings you absolutely hot remixes of “Flicking Pages”, taken from The Timewriter album “Soulstickers”, and one new track that doesn’t appear on the album. The man who had his first Plastic City release in 1996, and his very first record “Soul Freak Music” out on the Plastic City sub-label Suburbia in 1995 gave his track into very good hands.

Peter Horrevorts takes an energetic full-loaded bassline and plugs it between these dangerous beats and light synthesizer touches. Releasing on labels like Kanzleramt, Phonotech, EC Records and Audio Therapy this man using pseudonyms like Forcesupreme and Oliver Shine has to know what rocks the floor. With unbelievable wide chords rising in the break – combined with the outstanding vocals from the original track you’ll wish that this mix wouldn’t end so fast. Because when it’s over, the nine and a half minutes would have felt like seconds. The Hungarian duo Budai & Vic, who are friends of The Timewriter since many years having met at the legendary “I Love Deep”-parties in Budapest, cause a real highlight with their interpretation, with a lot of deepness and bass compression. We love this mix because of its subtile energy and with their typical sound that will make you dance and not want to stop.

With "Limelight", The Timewriter convinces us just one more time with the wide range of his handicraft. It’s the famous The Timewriter-formula in arrangement and sound, turning this track into a tidbit for the club as well as for an outdoor summer’s night. The combination of tight beats, well thought out sound design and deep chords make this track shine emotionally.

Now it’s your turn to decide whether they got it or not, but we’re sure you’ll rock the place with these tracks. So put the needle on the record...

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A1 Flicking Pages (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
B1 Limelight
B2 Flicking Pages (Budai & Vic Remix)

Also available as: MP3

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