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Various Artists
Sunrise at Aguas Blancas (Ibiza), compiled by Greg Parker
Plastic City

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With the new “Sunrise at...“ compilation Plastic City enters the next chapter of super chilled deep tracks - this time compiled and mixed by Greg Parker. Greg Parker, who was big with his album release “10 Solutions“ and his single “Get High“, introduces a very balanced club mix between calm and impulsive Tech-House tracks. Greg who did his first steps in Tech-House at the record store Smoove Records and the club Room 106 chose only distinctive tracks to achieve a very personal mixture of sounds and characteristics. His three digital EP releases on Plastic City. Play “Dreams“, "Drop Out" and "Understanding" have been remarkably sucessful. Greg, who worked together with his friend Terry Lee Brown Junior and remixed artists like Babak Shayan, Alex Flatner, Smalltown Collective, The Timewriter or Tojami Sessions, fabricates an unmistakable Baleraric feeling created through his fingers on the mixer.

For this compilation, Greg Parker chose tracks from Dejan Milicevic, MSMS, Strict Border, Kreon, Bucher & Kessidis, Dzeta N Basile, The Timewriter or Aki Bergen... just to name a few. “Sunrise at Aguas Blancas“ merges all the feelings that could arise when spending a night at this beach.

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1: Sergio Fernandez & D Low - Tentaciones (Original Mix)
2: Tojami Sessions - Backup (Greg Parker Remix)
3: Aki Bergen - Don't Call Me Artist
4: The Timewriter - Superschall
5: Fer Ferrari - You (Original Mix)
6: Babak Shayan - Without You Feat. Alex Flatner (Greg Parker Remix)
7: Daniel Dubb - Formatte
8: Daniel Dubb - Knee Deep (Original Mix)
9: Aki Bergen & Neuroxyde - Brooklyn Bullets (Original Mix)
10: Dejan Milicevic & Matthew Hoag - Transparent And All In Between
11: Bucher & Kessidis - Fate
12: Demir & Seymen - Snolike
13: Msms - Juice (Less Vocal Mix)
14: Dzeta N' Basile - One Of A Kind
15: Strict Border - Rendevouz
16: Bucher & Kessidis - Want Love
17: Kreon - Pfunkman
18: Various Artists - Sunrise At Aguas Blancas (Ibiza) (DJ Mix by Greg Parker

Also available as: CD

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