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Various Artists
Sunrise at ES Cavallet (Ibiza), compiled by Sin Plomo
Plastic City

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Last year Babak Shayan opened the warm season with his diversified “Sunrise At Sas Salinas” compilation. This year Ibiza based Plastic City artist Sin Plomo leads every open heart to the beach and afterwards directly in the club.

With his sun-filled soul Sin Plomo, who was firstly inspired by the record collection of his father, given to him at the age of 17, lives the spirit of balearic house music and spreads it around the globe. His first album “Different Ways To Dance” gave him much of attention in 2002 and releases like “I Surrender”, “You Got The Love” or “Miss Me” on the french label Fire Music pushed him right on the top. With his compilation series “Chica Disco” he bears the blame to broadcast the spirit of Ibiza's musical spirit by featuring only tracks produced on the island. With his mate Torsten Stenzel (owner of the Maigic Island Studios Ibiza) he builds the projects Ministers Of Dance, Cyber Junkies and Superlounger, just to name a few.

With “Sunrise at ES Cavallet”, by the way one of the most beautiful beaches of the island because it is one of the few still natural ones and furthermore the only nudist beach on the island, Sin Plomo proves with his DJ skills the ability making every DJ to a real artist: the formation of pictures.

Who is not feeling the sand between the toes, not seeing the golden sunset, smelling the salty breeze, not feeling the pulsating beats in the body or the phantastic easement of the mind when hearing to other summer-compilations of the genre, he will hear and feel it listening to this astounding mix by our man in Ibiza Sin Plomo. With tracks from Stryke, Nick Curly, Terry Lee Brown Junior feat. Robert Manos, DKMA pres. Andrastea, Nikola Gala, Nacho Marco, Gorge, The Timewriter, Franksen & Tom Wax, El Farouki and some of his own exclusive productions, Sin Plomo created a compilation that runs directly into the feet and into the heart.

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1: Sin Plomo - Nature Groove
2: Stryke - Einsame Nacht
3: Nick Curly - Static
4: Terry Lee Brown Junior feat. Robert Manos - Wait (The Timewriter Remix)
5: DKMA Presents Andrastea - Listen feat. Greg Capozzi (Running Mix)
6: Sin Plomo - Cubos
7: Nikola Gala - Blueberry (Stryke‘s Deep Blue Dub)
8: Sin Plomo - Desierto (Original Mix)
9: Nacho Marco - Estefania (Original Mix)
10: Gorge - Bambossa
11: The Timewriter - Flicking Pages (Daniel Kyo Remix)
12: Franksen & Tom Wax - Percy Thang
13: Sin Plomo - Room Stripes (Original Mix)
14: El Farouki - Cigue
15: Various Artists - Sunrise At ES Cavallet (Dj Mix By Sin Plomo)

Also available as: CD

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