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Various Artists
Terry's Café 14, compiled by Terry Lee Brown Junior
Plastic City

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The 14th output of the compilation series "Terry's Café"! Terry Lee Brown Junior's new mix is the modern life of tech-house. Terry's Café 14 breathes the elegant toasty aromas of fine beats and fine silky surfaces. The taste: stimulating yet mild and soft, flattering ear feeling. The Finish: spicy and entertaining.

Terry Lee Brown Junior gathered his series on great productions of his contemporaries in a mix of world-renowned artists and newcomers and talents that have been talked about later. The album includes this time artists like Ruben De Ronde, Screw bus, Shlomi Aber, MRI and Danny Daze Oscar Barila. The choice is completely tastefully with a highly sensitive and accurate result in the "Mixkunst" listening class. Listen up and explore the pulsating intensity Terry creates in his mix when he combines cheeky basslines with vocals with flushing sound areas of mystic chords and catchy beats with subbasses blowing the lights off. Let him take you by the hand and one of the earliest artists from Plastic City will lead you through a wonderland of clear soundarrangements and pushing beats. Terry Lee Brown Junior is our man to rock the place.

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1: Deep Sector - Rainbows
2: Ocean Gaya - Think Global (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)
3: MRI - Filthy Lesson
4: Boghosian, Torquato - Need U
5: Dixie Jure - By Defection
6: Danny Daze & Matches - If This
7: Shlomi Aber - NY Dreamer (Alix Alvarez Remix)
8: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Bohemian Life (TLB Dub Mix)
9: &ME - Dios (Original Mix)
10: Ruben De Ronde - Stoer (Original Mix)
11: Mika Olson - Chord Looper
12: Pedro Aguiar & Nuno Ramos - Crystal Clear (Original Mix)
13: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Home (Unreleased)
14: Forteba - Do U Like It
15: Various Artists - Terry's Cafe 14 (DJ Mix by Terry Lee Brown Junior)

Also available as: CD

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