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Dejan Milicevic
Just Keep Talking Girl
Plastic City

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For so many years Dejan Milicevic has been on the scene, started DJing at the age of just fifteen and rolling for around seventeen years now. From the beginning a partner in crime with mr Marko Nastic pumping their own style throughout almost two decades. After winning lots of prizes in 1997 and 1998 everything started to happen. As a part of the KneeDeep family he played all the major events by now and also had the ex Yugoslavian region covered at the same time having every weekend full of new experiences. His music style is a mix of house and techno that has a flavor of a long and experienced career. Dejan is the co owner of Bordel Studios Belgrade and owner of Recon Light label. Last year was the year of the debut album release from this artist after more than 80 ep's in his music life , Trust and the Purpose (Gillesku Records) sold out all vinyl copies just in 5 days and made a great success. Next album is expected on Plastic City so be prepared for a beautiful ride coming from Bordel Studios kitchen. 10 tracks with Dejan Milicevicīs special flavor!

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1. The Queen Is Never Late
2. Just Keeping Talking Girl
3. Overcome By The Redundand Information
4. Sum The Digits Of The Obtained Result
5. Lipstick Will Never Rub Off
6. Add a Zero To The Right
7. Green That Seamed So Real
8. Things We Can Learn From The Movies
9. De Rerum Natura
10. This One Is For The People (Bonus Track)

Also available as: MP3

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