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The Ride
Plastic City

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The House/Tech-House project MSMS created in 2010, but the men behind the four letters are long-year members of the electronic music biz. One as a DJ playing House, DeepHouse and UK Garage at the time, the other one as high-quality music producer of mainly Techno, Club and Lounge/Downbeat (you might have come across some of his projects: Broombeck, Guardner, Rauschfaktor), electricizing clubbers as DJ or with his energetic live acts. Already friends for more than two decades, they teamed up to combine crystal-clear sound and production savvyness with housy beats and deep flavour in their tracks and to rock the clubs as DJ team or live. After releases on labels like Kittball, Takt or Plastic City (Fresh Frozen EP), they went about bringing their different styles together in one musical ride from Chill Out to deep house to tech house or nudisco to pop and finalizing their first album together, 'The Ride'. Sometimes slower and deeper, sometimes faster and more funky or with vocals but always with their trademark sound and soul: an album for everyone and every time. Take a ride!

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1. MSMS - Take Me
2. MSMS & Terry Grant - What Am I To You
3. MSMS - The Ride
4. MSMS - Analogie
5. MSMS - Mon Sage
6. MSMS & Terry Grant - The Killing Kind
7. MSMS - Dawn
8. MSMS & Terry Grant - The Angel In You
9. MSMS - Handbech
10. MSMS & Chriss Vogt - Needy Girl
11. MSMS - Ease My Soul
12. MSMS - Dee Party
13. MSMS - Salvation

Also available as: MP3

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