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Oscar Barila & Maiki
Parallel Minds
Plastic City

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Plastic City looks towards the release of the outstanding debut album from duo Oscar Barila & Maiki. The label soon has been around for the best part of twenty years now, pushing quality house and techno from industry heavyweights and fresh talent alike. Albums from the likes of The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Nikola Gala & Lukas Greenberg have shown the labels commitment to artist development and a dedication to electronic music long players. Now the legendary label looks towards the debut album from the duo of Oscar Barila & Maiki, a pair who are set to become a major feature on dance music’s global stage.

Oscar Barila hails from Valencia in Spain and has become one of the most notable producers to come out of the country in recent years. He has been behind over 40 releases for labels such as Kling Klong, Acker, Parquet & Plastic City to name just a few and has DJ’ed across the globe. His musical partner Maiki is from Milan, Italy and at the tender age of 21 has already achieved much with records released through the likes of Viva, Acker & Stranjjur and widespread A-list DJ support.

Both artists began working together in 2011, saw a couple of well received collaborative singles released and got their heads down for the writing of this their debut album, the appropriately titled ‘Parallel Minds’. The LP is a collection of 11 wonderful tracks that are rooted in the pair’s love of house music; from the jazzy musicality of title track ‘Parallel Minds’ to the uplifting vocal stylings of ‘Forgive the Drama’ and on to the groove led sounds of ‘Convexions’ there is rich variety yet cohesions throughout.

Despite the wonderfully laidback closer ‘Dancing to the Moonlight’ this is very much a dancefloor-orientated album and a true reflection on where these two DJ/Producers are coming from. "Parallel Minds" is an insight into the sound of house music in 2012, with an occasional tip of the hat to what has gone before, enjoy.

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1. Acqua
2. Walking in red circles
3. Nori Sushi
4. Parallel Minds
5. Forgive the drama
6. And embrace the hapiness
7. The Arctic Girl
8. Convexions
9. Across Theory
10. Tears in the rain
11. Dancing to the Moonlight

Also available as: MP3

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