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Tojami Sessions
The Next Ten Years
Plastic City

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With their new album “The Next Ten Years” Frankfurt based trio Tojami Sessions represent the latest house and tech house music at its best with a lot of references to classic house music. The project, consisting of Michel Niepenberg, Jacek Darnowski and Tom Bucher, was founded by Michel and Jacek in 1992. They always tried to combine all the characteristics of house music. With their releases on raum...musik, Separé, In Between Entertainment and Dessous and as well on Plastic City, they released in the beginning of 2010 the digital EP “Jazzbox” and the digital release “Backup” in spring, they proved their instinct for pure and intelligent tracks . Furthermore their tracks “Music” and “Sun” are featured by the latest episodes of the “Plastic City Radio Show” and “Terry's Café”.

Starting with the track “The Next Ten Years”, Tojami Sessions are diving into a poetic and dreamy deepness they choosed as the main theme of their longplayer. Garnished with soulful vocals singing “Can you feel it” like in “Soul In Me” or classic organ chords like in “Dry Martini” the tracks create a warm and laid-back atmosphere. Additionally the modern beats and percussion sounds give them power and endurance. Detailed rhythm structures like in “One Step” are the perfect instrument to ground the tracks on the dancefloor, the light and clear sound combinations like jazzy pianos, trumpets or the latin influenced melody of “Cock Fights” offer feed for mind and mood. This album is a diverse discussion of Deep and Tech-House baring all the wonderful facets of the genre.

Audio Interview: Tojami Sessions talks about "The Next Ten Years"

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1: Tojami Sessions - The Next Ten Years
2: Tojami Sessions - Working On Mars
3: Tojami Sessions - Palm Avenue
4: Tojami Sessions - Soul In Me
5: Tojami Sessions - Touched
6: Tojami Sessions - Dusk
7: Tojami Sessions - The Beach
8: Tojami Sessions - Dry Martini
9: Tojami Sessions - One Step
10: Tojami Sessions - Tetra
11: Tojami Sessions - Cockfights
12: Tojami Sessions - Supernova

Also available as: CD

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