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Various Artists
Terry´s Café 13 - Double Roasted, compiled by Terry Lee Brown Junior
Plastic City

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This summer the Terry's Café compilation should be named Terry's Coffee maybe? - Just kidding. But Terry Lee Brown Junior and Plastic City wanted to do something different this year and decided to release a double CD package with two different tech house styles: Mild Roast and Strong Roast – Mild Roast for pleasure and Strong Roast for character.

In the Mild Roast DJ-Mix Terry presents gentle tracks with the right flavor it needs to work on the dancefloor too. Effected by a joyfully looseness the mix swings between breezy fulfillment and jazzy liberality. Therefore tracks by Paralelles, Tini, Aland Byallo, J. Axel, Aki Bergen, Basti Pieper, Kruse & Nuernberg, Gorge, Tojami Sessions, Greg Parker, The Timewriter, Lukas Greenberg feat. Nica Brooke and Martin Buttrich give their best. Terry Lee Brown Junior created a well balanced DJ-Mix that is as agile and clever like a cat.

The Strong Roast DJ-Mix goes straight forward right from the beginning. It enfolds its rich aroma a bit more with every tune and ends in a culmination of different ingredients. The tracks by Krogmann, Fog, Smalltown Collective, Carlo, Chopstick & Johnjon feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner, Basti Pieper, Sami Wentz, Fapples, Addex, Steve Lawler, Gene, Helmut Dubnitzky and Fred Hush have enough personality to create a really special mood controlled by the hands of Terry Lee Brown Junior.

So the new episode of Terry's Café is another highlight on Plastic City.

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1.1: Paralléles - Eclosion (Nikosf Loves The Zone Remix)
1.2: tINI - That's Right (Original Mix)
1.3: Alland Byallo - My City (Alexkid Remix)
1.4: J. Axel - Every Part Of The World (Club Mix)
1.5: Aki Bergen - Daftastic World
1.6: Basti Pieper - Heart Of The Sun
1.7: Kruse & Nuernberg - Lovers n' Fighters
1.8: Gorge - Erotic Soul feat. The Wrtiers Poet
1.9: Tojami Sessions - Sun
1.10: Greg Parker - Get High (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)
1.11: The Timewriter - Creatures Of The Night
1.12: Lukas Greenberg feat. Nica Brooke - You're Alive (Shuffle Mix)
1.13: Martin Buttrich - Tripping In The 16th
1.14: Various Artists - Terry's Café 13 - Mild Roasted (DJ Mix by Terry Lee Brown Junior)
2.1: Krogmann - Billig Will Ich (andhim Remix)
2.2: Fog - 4Geteat (Luca M Remix)
2.3: Smalltown Collective - Mujinga (Carlos Sanchez & DJ Ray Remix)
2.4: Carlo - Mr. Brown
2.5: Chopstick & JohnJon feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner - A New Dub (Original Mix)
2.6: Basti Pieper - Orient
2.7: Sami Wentz - Bingo Gringo
2.8: Franksen & Tom Wax - Impatience
2.9: Fapples - Funkadelic Groove
2.10: Addex - Self Connection
2.11: Steve Lawler - Almerina (David Pher Remix)
2.12: Gene - Clowns Jazz
2.13: Helmut Dubnitzky - Go With Me
2.14: Fred Hush - Mystery Land (Dimitri Andreas Remix)
2.15: Various Artists - Terry's Café 13 - Strong Roasted (DJ Mix by Terry Lee Brown Junior)

Also available as: 2CD

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