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The Timewriter
Plastic City

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Being the sixth album from Jean F. Cochois, this latest one is a fresh surprise in many ways. First and foremost, he has chosen the German title “Tiefenschön”, which could be translated as 'beautiful depth', but really it is a more poetic way of saying that in the German language. Secondly, he has positioned himself in an altogether different way on a musical basis but still continues in his unmistakeable Timewriter style, and once again proves as a producer his fine feeling for sound and musical arrangement. After a long musical journey beginning in 1994 with his first single and subsequent albums, he now melts together his continuously developing sound with the sound of the good old days. The results are deep and tech house tracks which have a warm old school twist and flavour to them at the same time as totally hitting the zeitgeist.

Although there are vocals being used in parts of this album, they have nothing in common with typically known vocal house tracks containing verses and choruses. It’s mostly a maximum of four lines being repeated and used in a very rhythmic and hypnotic way. In the cracking intro “Einatmen”, The Timewriter opens with the words “In the beginning there was nothing but a sweet sound - so tiefenschön” followed by “Broken Spell” which brings back the vocals of the incomparable Theresa Baltimore who has already featured on The Timewriter’s Club Classics “Reachin’ Out” and “Lion Steps”. Also Ven Lizard, a new Vocalist, features on the very pushy deep house gem “Ten Strut” riding on the track like thunder with a repeating fourliner. As on his last albums Jean F. Cochois himself is featured, this time with rhythmically spoken words instead of a singing voice on the massive “Creatures Of The Night”. “Back in School” with its overwhelming chord and drum programming and well chosen vocal snippets is a killer track and definitely one of the highlights. “Superschall” rolls over you with the same power by unveiling it’s magic slowly throughout the complete track without using a direct bassline. It is also remarkabe that even with his interlude “Atemzug” and the outro of the album “Ausatmen” where he gives the listener time to breathe with a chilled out athmosphere, he manages to keep you in the flow by using subtle background beats which keep up the tempo and rythmic feel. Especially “Ausatmen” is emotionally loaded with this pleasant kind of pain that just hurts in the right places.

Tiefenschön as an LP is a complete whirlwind having a raw and dirty feel to it, albeit without losing focus on the original and well-known Jean F. Cochois sound. This is an extremely strong club album with a powerful recognition value – not only musically, but also visually thanks to its album cover. It stands out as it has an overall concept and, throughout it, a sense of continuity from beginning to end.

Audio Interview: The Timewriter about Tiefenschön

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1: The Timewriter - Einatmen
2: The Timewriter - Broken Spell feat. Theresa Baltimore
3: The Timewriter - High On 24
4: The Timewriter - Ten Strut feat. Ven Lizard
5: The Timewriter - Back In School
6: The Timewriter - Pasodoble
7: The Timewriter - Superschall
8: The Timewriter - Atemzug
9: The Timewriter - Creatures Of The Night
10: The Timewriter - Kesselhaus Days
11: The Timewriter - Retime
12: The Timewriter - Ausatmen

Also available as: CD | 2LP

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