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Various Artists
Plastic City Radio Show - Season Two, hosted by Gorge
Plastic City

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Gorge, one of the hottest Plastic City artists in the moment, made an outstanding DJ mix for this release incl. new and exclusive tracks from artists like Terry Lee Brown Junior, Burnski, Solar & Poppcke and Virginia, The Timewriter, Nima Gorji and Andry Nalin. Gorge aka Pit Waldmann expired electronic music in the late 80’s. He grew up with the sound of Thorsten Fenslau and Alexander Abraham and began to produce his own music in the middle of the 90’s. Taking a trip through all kinds of electronic music he finally came back to house and techno music influenced by deep Chicago house sound and Tech-House. The co-founder of 8bit Records (founded together with Nick Curly in 2005) is producing electronic music since the middle of the nineties and convinced on Plastic City last year with his great “Bambossa” release. Afterwards the “Kassiande EP” and the “Garuna EP “ followed on Freerange and 8bit. His new single "Ayomide", again released on Plastic City, is currently on heavy rotation in the clubs around the world. Together with Greg Silver, Gorge presents the weekly "Plastic City Radio Show" on Radio Ibiza Sonica and We Love House FM.

For playlists and more information: Plastic City Radio Show.

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1: Solar & Poppcke and Virginia - Our Days
2: Bucher & Kessidis - La Onda
3: Rene Breitbarth - Dee Swing
4: The Timewriter - Chords In Minor
5: Jacksonville - Hallelujah Club
6: Smalltown Collective - Sesam
7: Nima Gorji - Democrazy
8: Burnski - Old School Swing
9: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Come Together
10: Andry Nalin - French Cuisine (Original Mix)
11: Gorge - Forgot Your Shoes
12: Nikola Gala - On'n'On (Original Mix)
13: Lukas Greenberg - The Green
14: Greg Parker - Drop Out
15: James Talk - The Beat
16: Various Artists - Plastic City Radioshow Season Two (Dj Mix By Gorge)

Also available as: CD

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