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Terry Lee Brown Junior
Plastic City

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With his enormous output Terry Lee Brown Junior is one of the most respected house artists worldwide. After releasing his breathless album “Softpack” in 2008 he released a few singles like the soulful “Wait” with the voice of Robert Manos, “Soul Digits” or “Delightful Encounter” and a lot of remixes like for Jeff Bennett's “Boneback”, Tina Valen's “Colors”, Roddy's “Heidnschnukke” or H2O's “All Over Your Face”. With the third part of his “Selected Remixes” series he gave the next outline of some of his remix works where the inspiration of colleques like Shayan Music's Cooccer, Plastic City's Forteba or Kompakt's Gui Boratto is reflected by his creative mind.

For “Repack”, the remix album of his latest and very emotional album “Softpack”, only the best artists and friends of Terry Lee Brown Junior were engaged to create their own interpretations of the tracks from the album. The remixes from David Alvarado, Nick Curly, Sendos Fuera, Nikola Gala, Roberto Rodriguez, Greg Parker, üNN, The Timewriter and Terry himself were released on individually Ep's and singles so far and are conflated know to a remix collection to allow a widespread view on the pulse input Terry Lee Brown Junior gives to his musical surrounding.

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1: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Night In Sutivan (Terry's Bura Edit)
2: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Soul Digits (David Alvarado Remix)
3: Terry Lee Brown Junior feat. Robert Manos - Wait (Sendos Fuera Remix)
4: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Everyday (Nikola Gala Remix)
5: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Soul Digits (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)
6: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Delightful Encounter (Greg Parker's Revenge Edit)
7: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Chatterbox (Basic Version)
8: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Pulsar (Coccer Remix)
9: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Soul Digits (Nick Curly Remix)
10: Terry Lee Brown Junior feat. Robert Manos - Wait (The Timewriter Remix)
11: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Delightful Encounter (üNN Remix)

Also available as: CD

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