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Various Artists
Deep Train 6 - Dedication, mixed by The Timewriter
Plastic City

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With his successful remix album “Resensed Part Two”, the great singles “Vintage Circuits” and “Flicking Pages”, fantastic remixes for amongst others Sasse, Rulers of the Deep, Roberto Rodriguez, Nacho Marco, Alphawezen, Diego Astaiza and Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter also underlined in 2008 his position as one of the most influential heads in the deep and tech-house genre. Now Jean F. Cochois aka The Timewriter starts with episode six of his successful compilation series “Deep Train” into the year 2009. Not only the fantastic choice of tracks makes this CD to a downright highlight, but also the fact of three exclusive and so far unreleased tracks of the artist, that are audible here for the first time.

Like in his own productions The Timewriter proves his unique sensitiveness and understanding for the music. The complexity and musical intelligence is audible in the plot and cognizable in the articulateness of the tracks in which they are merging. Melodies and structures are complementing through delicious additives every title contributes to the overall picture. The experience of 13 years of DJing and producing is audible with every played record and brings ultimate pleasure for fans of the genre and such such who are exploring it with this compilation. For ”Deep Train 6” The Timewriter chosed tracks from the likes of William Besson (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix), Burnski, Shannon Chambers, Agoria feat. Scalde, Baaz, DKMA presents Andrastea, Raf ‘n’ Soul, Sis, Vas Floyd, the classic “At Night” by Shakedown (Martin Buttrich Remix), Mastra and Franksen & Tom Wax. A perfect Soundtrack.

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1. William Besson - Come Around (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)
2. Mastra - Shade
3. Shakedown - At Night (Martin Buttrich Dub)
4. Vas Floyd feat. Mr. Jones - Deep House Soul (String Mix)
5. The Timewriter - Going Back
6. Shannon Chamber - Space Music (Original Mix)
7. DKMA presents Andrastea - Reckless Mix feat. Jeff Ramsey
8. Baaz feat. Knarf Skipson - Just About
9. The Timewriter - Chords In Minor
10. Agoria feat. Scalde - Dust (Oxia Remix)
11. Raf 'N' Soul feat. Tony Marino - Man On The Prowl (Raf $NYT$ Main Mix)
12. Franksen & Tom Wax - Salvation
13. SIS - Dim Dim
14. The Timewriter - Dedication
15. Burnski - Flight (JP's Sky High Mix)

Also available as: MP3

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