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The Timewriter
Resensed Part Two
Plastic City

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“Revealing The Sound (Milton Jackson’s Dark Matter Remix)”: Milton Jackson, who released his first EP aged 19 on Tronicsole, has done a very strong remix of “Revealing The Sound”. In his dark and techno influenced deep house interpretation, he uses the vocals in a very hypnotic way. With the light melodic synthesisers, Jackson, who has releases on labels such as Glasgow Underground, Bear Trax, Black Vinyl Records, Freerange and Urban Torque, created a drifting clubtrack with a lot of soul.

“Siamese Hearts (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)”: The producer of the Future Beat Investigators and part of the Acid Kings, has transformed “Siamese Hearts” into a paradise of multilayered rhythm structures with mystic melodies, much like the original. The beats are as if they were rolling over soft grounds, consisting of something that could be water. This fluid of tech house music runs through your fingers like times full of pleasure. Roberto formed a track which is full of heat and love and with all this he brings everybody onto the dancefloor.

“Lion Steps” feat. Theresa Baltimore (Einzelkind Remix): The Berlin-based and Cuba born duo Einzelkind, who are releasing on labels like Get Physical, Kindisch and Playhouse, took “Lion Steps” and worked around the essentials. While using an extremely reduced snippet of the words spoken by Theresa Baltimore, Arno Völker and Miguel Ayala are focusing on very tight beats, razor sharp and breezy percussions and phat basses. The economically psychedelic synthesiser elements are their trademark and make everybody, who dances to their fresh style of minimal tech house, go insane.

“Is This Life” with Terry Lee Brown Junior (Johan Ilves Remix): Johan Ilves, a fresh talent from Stockholm, Sweden, does a very techno inspired interpretation on this compilation. With its straightness, the track is one for the peak time when people are loosing it on the dance floor. Johan builds a strong bass and adds the right ingrediences just at the right moments. He works with whirring creepy strings, ungirt bongos and intensive chords to push it to the climax. And the mean and dirty western guitar combined with the spoken vocals of the original, gives the track even something of a “high noon” feeling.

“Love Is Beautiful” (François Dubois Remix): François Dubois a.k.a. Funk D’Void, takes the vocals and turns them into a dream of virtual promises and when the synthesisers take place between the soft and clear beats, love enters the room. This version of “Love Is Beautiful” shows that François Dubois really can ‘take things to any direction because he knows the music’, like Jamie Odell said. This is the perfect track for a romantic candle-lit dinner as well as the soundtrack for a dancing night of erotic moments. This track is sexy.

“Soul Freak Music” (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix): “Soul Freak Music” was the first single ever released by The Timewriter and is a complete classic. So it’s not by chance that labelmate Terry Lee Brown Junior aka Norman Feller has remixed this title. Both are close friends, and since the mid-90s they together formed the sound that still characterises the label Plastic City. Deepness flows into the drive, the melodic atmospheres are going along with a warm groove and the climax is placed perfectly. Very low basses and a lot of sensitivity in the way Norman works with the original parts, make this mix a highlight.

“Handsome Machine” (Manuel Tur Remix): The only 20 years old and Essen based Manuel Tur, had his first release at the age of 16 with the London-based label Mada Music. Reason enough to ask the up-and-coming, very talented artist to reinterpret Timewriter’s “Handsome Machine”. Manuel reduces the big and tight nature of the original track, fusing house and techno into a deep, funky, dubby version with a relaxed character. His interpretation avoids stereotypes and therefore it is extraordinarily captivating. This piece of music is the right track for the beginning of the night.

“Back From Exile” (Neil Qiugley’s Pacemaker Dub): With his Dub Mix of the title “Back From Exile”, Neil Quigley closes this remix album in a trippy way. Quigley takes the whole powerful essence of the original and turns it into a more minimal but at the same time energetic dance floor experience with syncopic synthesiser sounds, rolling basses and melodic enlightenments. Neil, who is one of the heads behind the label Urban Torque and has releases on labels like Audio Therapy and Renaissance, has the right focus on the dance floor and convinces with a wonderful arrangement, that gives the elements space to breathe. Heart and soul make his productions strong. And this remix makes no exception.

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A1 Revealing The Sound (Milton Jackson's Dark Matter Remix)
A2 Siamese Hearts (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)
B1 Lion Steps feat. Theresa Baltimore (Einzelkind Remix)
B2 Is This Life (with Terry Lee Brown Junior) (Johan Ilves Remix)
C1 Love Is Beautiful (Francois Dubois Remix)
C2 Soul Freak Music (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)
D1 Handsome Machine (Manuel Tur Remix)
D2 Back From Exile (Neil Quigley's Pacemaker Dub)

Also available as: CD | MP3

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