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Various Artists
Terry´s Café 11, mixed by Terry Lee Brown Junior
Plastic City

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Plastic City proudly presents the new Terry´s Café Mix Compilation mixed by the gorgeous Terry Lee Brown Junior. After number ten, which was a jubilee double CD mix compilation, Terry did it one more time and presents a mix consisting of sixteen tracks of exclusively modern minimal and trippy house tracks, that will blow your mind and continues his remarkable Dj mix Series he started in 1997. Therefor the proficient picked only the best of latest dancefloor house flavours like Swayzack’s “Smile And Receive”, Alex Flatner’s and Lopazz’ “Perfect Circles” in the catchy and funky “Reboot’s Put Your Arm Next To It Rework”, Sascha Funke’s “Take A Chance With Me”, René Breithbarth’s “Detective” or the outstanding “Roza” from the Greek duo Leos & Kreon.

With this mix Terry, who started DJing in 1989 and remixed Paul van Dyk, Paris Red, Future Funk, Nalin & Kane or Gabrielle, gives us a classical drama of modern DJ art with a lot of breakings and enlightning atmospheres that works surely on the dancefloor as well as at home when you prepare the following night with your friends. Bubbling funky basslines meet hypnotical spheres and narrative synthesizer textures while the beats are mashing up your feet with colourful pictures of the next night dancing experience. And that is what it’s all about – the future of electronic house music in general, isn’t it?

Listen up and explore the pulsating intensity Terry creates in his mix when he combines cheeky basslines with oriental vocals or sparkling acid lines with flushing sound areas of mystic chords and catchy beats with subbasses blowing the lights off. Let him take you by the hand and one of the earliest artists from Plastic City who worked with primary rocks like Tom Wax or The Timewriter will lead you through a wonderland of clear soundarrangements and pushing beats. Terry Lee Brown Junior is our man to rock the place. So dive in his chilling and at the same time exciting soundunderstanding and let all this beautiful music in this precise mix happen to you.

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01. Liberto - Nano Doll
02. Quarion - Taking' No Shorts
03. Swayzak - Smile And Receive
04. MyMy - Southbound
05. Andy Cato - Cosmic Force (Francois Dubios Remix)
06. Alex Flatner feat. Lopazz - Perfect Circles (Reboot's - Put Your Arm Next To It - Rework)
07. Lemos & Kreon - Roza
08. Cooccer - Art Of Funk (Da Funk's Pop Art Dub)
09. Sascha Funke - Take A Chance With Me
10. Pierce & Twirdy - Cuaba (Robert Babicz Remix)
11. El Farouki - Reines Claudes
12. Manuel Tur - Clustered Mind (Sendos Fuera Rework)
13. Rene Breitbarth - Detective
14. The Timewriter - Limelight
15. Terry Lee Brown Junior – Softpack (Dub‘n‘Pack Edit)
16. Greg Parker - Casual

Also available as: MP3

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