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The Timewriter
Plastic City

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Jean F. Cochois is the Timewriter and arrived at the top ten years ago. Since then he has developed and fine grinding his productions so that press, media and audiences agree on the fact that he is a master at his arts: Spinning at the most famous venues all over the globe, remixes for Mike Oldfield, Faithless, Yello, Boy George, Rammstein and many more…everything done? He doesn’t think so and presents his 5th album “Soulstickers” which will be attached close to the listeners’ souls for sure because that’s the place where they came into existence! Straight from the introduction which is “resetting the clocks” The Timewriter is creating intensive and emotional songs and takes you on a trip through his sonic world of pleasure. “Soulstickers” follows his tradition of knitting together tracks with interludes and indicating an overall concept. The whole “story” incorporates the listener and you begin to feel like a character of a strongly emotional tale. Looking at the track titles you get an impression where The Timewriter is aiming at: “Is this Life”, “Circling on a Train of Thoughts”, “Euphoria Days” ore “Sunshine in the Backyards” are the scenes of a story which is written by heart and soul – just “Soulstickers”. It’s a unique mixture of tech- and deephouse, soul and ambient which invite to exchanging some energy. The Timewriter is supposed to having already reached the peak, so he excelled his genius again!

Listen to the newsworthy Audio Interview from The Timewriter.

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1. Resetting The Clocks
2. Zero
3. Handsome Machine
4. Is This Life (with Terry Lee Brown Junior)
5. Circling On A Train Of Thoughts
6. Flicking Pages
7. Sunshine In The Backyards (with Jimmie Wilson)
8. Vintage Circuits (with Theresa Baltimore)
9. Heartstring
10. Revealing The Sound
11. Mary´s Wisdom (with Mary Joe)
12. Euphoria Days
13. Blue Sky
14. Night Train
15. Soulstickers

Also available as: 2LP | MP3

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