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Terry´s Café 9, mixed by Terry Lee Brown Junior
Plastic City

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The sun is sinking, painting Plastic City in subtle pink and orange colours. Time to go for a stroll through the hazy streets to celebrate in Terry’s Café – the place where people unwind to timeless house grooves presented in a sophisticated setting. A place where extraordinary things happen: For the ninth time, the mastermind behind the celebrated house imprint Plastic City, Terry Lee Brown Junior, invites open-minded, multi-facetted house lovers to join him on his musical quest. Blending the finest of recent Plastic City label output with the grooviest the world has to offer at this very moment of time, the renowned house producer and DJ manages to effortlessly mix together a seamless journey of joyful, spirited house music. A laid-back mind trip that is utterly danceable whilst at the same time maintaining that airy easy-listening vibe which makes the Terry’s Café series so successful. The ninth sequel is, like its predecessors, a well-balanced mixture of formulaic grooves and fresh vibes as the material of the featured artists span from big name productions of well-established artists such as Kerry Chandler, Tom Middleton and of course Terry Lee Brown Junior himself to offerings from young newcomers and new talents like Forteba and Gui Boratto who make themselves heard with exciting material. And who could be a better candidate to dish up all these sounds than Terry Lee Brown Junior himself. Man with a vision, he manages to close the gap between quality deep and soulful house music and accessible sounds that make you move with a nonchalance that wows the audience and critiques alike. This breathless full-length mix which encompasses, deep, funky, eclectic and soulful lush sounds, speaks for itself: Unwind yourself... in Terry’s Café.

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1. Kerry Chandler - Bar A Thym (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)
2. Gideon - Einzelgänger
3. The Mountain People - Mountain 001
4. Audio Soul Project feat. Lori - Satellite (Fred Everything Remix)
5. Gui Boratto - It´s Majik (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)
6. Forteba - Something New
7. Pete Moss - Perfect Timing
8. Lovebirds - Ethik (Birds Retouch Mix)
9. nor elle - Let Things Slide (Terry Lee Brown Junior´s slidin´ DUB)
10. Budai & Vic- Luv U (Andro Remix)
11. The Timewriter - Yellow And Blue (Frame 15 Mix)
12. EL Farouki - Air Stone
13. Jokke Ilsoe - What!
14. Terry Lee Brown Junior - Our Rhythm (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
15. G-Man - The Way You Move

Also available as: MP3

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