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Various Artists
Play. Plastic City
Plastic City

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MP3-Album Download. Time for a change: ”Plastic City. Maybe” mutates into “Play. Plastic City” before fading away completely. An old era is coming to an end, a new era, called into existence by a new generation, is dawning: “Imagination Of The Shape”. Plastic City is reinventing itself by playfully dreaming up alternative realities – again and again, one after the other. Time for a resumee: The makers of the capital of quality techouse that is constantly changing, expanding, relocating and restructuring itself, are entering futuristic territories, recalling some of the finest moments of the present before setting off into the future: The compilation "Play. Plastic City" will be the last relict documenting the present before shifting into a new mode, a new age: "Imagination Of The Shape". “Play. Plastic City” perfectly captures the status quo of the here and now which is also visualised in the cover artwork - memory cards, iconic as puzzle pieces that finally fall into place, recalling old covers of past releases. Again, the city locates in the very epicentre of an international movement that has many faces, old and young, new and established. Moulding four dimensions, Jon Silva alias The Mulder gives the artistic output of Plastic City’s inhabitants a contemporary face and shape, picks the freshest and newest material coming straight outta Plastic City, making it – again – the the place to be when it comes to re-establish and redefine house sound. Tracks are coming from established Plastic City artists The Timewriter, Get Fucked, Soda Inc., Babak Shayan, G-Pal and Terry Lee Brown Junior, or from newcomers like Forteba, whose track is just one highlight of this epic. The Mulder takes the listener on a journey though the new and renovated districts of the city, exploring new territories while walking on safe grounds. “Play. Plastic City” is an artistic statement that documents progress and innovation, or a document that reflects artistic renewal. No one knows. After all exactly what one would expect coming out of a city that possibly does not even exist, a place in time and space where intuition meets experience, new replaces old and old gives way to new, the timeless state of age and infinity made out of transparent plastic: “Imagination Of The Shape” - it"s coming.

All tracks are full lengh versions (unmixed).

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1: G-Pal - A Day Of Birth
2: Ralph Sliwinski - Zydecomotion
3: Gorge & Nick Curly - In A Mood
4: Peter Moos - No One Else
5: Jeff Bennett - Enhancing
6: Terry Lee Brown Junior - Fourty Degree
7: Babak Shayan - To Love & To Leave
8: The Timewriter - Thunderball
9: Morgan Page - Into The Cosmos
10: Soda Inc. - Key Split
11: Gui Boratto - It’s Majik (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix)
12: E.B.E. - Relocated
13: Nathan Coles and Nils Hess aka Get Fucked - Slinger Dinger
14: Forteba - Hifly
15: Processing Vessel - I Want To Give You (Mindgrooved Remix)
16: The Mulder - Party People
17: Consequential Theorists - What Do You Want?
18: Lukas Greenberg - Ain´t Nobody

Also available as: CD | 3LP

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