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The Timewriter
Jigsaw Pieces
Plastic City

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MP3-Album Download Jean F. Cochois, a.k.a. Timewriter, has been involved with music since he began lessons at age 10. Both his classical training and European background figure prominently in this collection"s sound. Rhythm, melody, tempo, instrumentation, texture, and contrast are all effectively explored over the disc"s 15 tracks. Each cut can be taken separately or as a progression through mood, and the tracks on Jigsaw Pieces run the gamut from deep, abstract house ("Almost Lost") to midtempo tech-house ("Sunset Walkin"") to textural studies that combine elements of acid house mixed with Future Sound of London-esque eclecticism ("Deliver Me"). Jigsaw Pieces is the type of recording that will appeal to novices exploring the dance-music genre, because it is not aggressively rhythmic. For this very same reason, die-hard house and techno fans may feel slighted. But for anyone willing to listen, Jigsaw Pieces is not only a satisfying dance record but an excellent couch listen as well.

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1: The Timewriter - Travelogue
2: The Timewriter - Here Comes The Sun
3: The Timewriter - Words
4: The Timewriter - Short Poem
5: The Timewriter - Almost Lost (On A Deep Train)
6: The Timewriter - Jesus
7: The Timewriter - Photographic Life
8: The Timewriter - On A Day Like This
9: The Timewriter - Belief
10: The Timewriter - Sunset Walkin'
11: The Timewriter - Someone To Hold Me
12: The Timewriter - Tender Wind On A Summernight
13: The Timewriter - Deliver Me
14: The Timewriter - Skywritings
15: The Timewriter - Sensual Pieces

Also available as: CD | 2LP

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