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The Timewriter

The Timewriter - Tiefenschön I Plastic City


01. Einatmen
02. Broken Spell feat. Theresa Baltimore
03. High On 24
04. Ten Strut feat. Ven Lizard
05. Back In School
06. Pasodoble
07. Superschall
08. Atemzug
09. Creatures Of The Night
10. Kesselhaus Days
11. Retime
12. Ausatmen

Available formats: CD (plac072-2), LP (plac072-3), mp3, (plac072-4)
Being the sixth album from Jean F. Cochois aka The Timewriter, this latest one is a fresh surprise in many ways. First and foremost, he has chosen the German title Tiefenschön, wich could be translated as 'beautiful depth', but really it is a more poetic way of saying that in the German language. Secondly, he has positioned himself in an altogether different way on a musical basis but still continues in his unmistakeable Timewriter style, and once again proves as a producer his fine feeling for sound and musical arrangement.

After a long musical journey beginning in 1994 with his first single and subsequent albums, he now melts together his continuously developing sound with the sound of the good old days. The results are deep and tech house tracks which have a warm old school twist and flavour to them at the same time as totally hitting the zeitgeist.

Tiefenschön as an album is a complete whirlwind having a raw and dirty feel to it, albeit without losing focus on the original and well-known Jean F. Cochois sound. This is an extremely strong club album with a powerful recognition value – not only musically, but also visually thanks to its album cover. Emotionally loaded with this pleasant kind of pain that just hurts in the right places.

Not only as a producer and remixer, but also as DJ, The Timewriter enjoys the respect he receives internationally since the last 15 Years. He held a residency in Sven Väth’s Cocoon Club and plays in Clubs all across the globe. On a regular basis he presents his own mix-cd series “Deep Train” of which Vol. 6 was voted Album of the Month in Mix Mag UK.

DJ Feedbacks:

Funk D’Void / Francois Dubois:
“Lovely album, well done 10/10 Big fan of course....!”

Milton Jackson:
“Masterful LP from The Timewriter-top top quality with my favourites picks being Creatures Of The Night and Back In School. Thanks”

Nick Warren:
“Once again an amazing Timewriter album. House music of the highest quality made with obvious love and attention. Congratulations.”

“Timeless music for home and although playable tracks for the clubs! Warm chords with nice vocal lines warms us up for spring.Once again a great album. Congrats!”

Tom Middleton:
“Tried and tested sublime real house music for listening as well as dancing..deeply emotive with meticulous production."

Nick Curly:
“Great release from The Timewriter. Full support !”

Slam (Orde Meikle):
“Great Label-always has been more quality deep house-full marks”

Charles Webster:
“Really like the more ambient stuff on there…quality”

Ernesto Ferreyra:
“Superb!!! 4,5/5 thanks!

Ian Pooley:
“My Mate Frank  is back with a new album . His sound has always been very unique , you could say he created a new style when he first started , a funky mix between deep and tech house . My favourites are pasodoble, a strong track in my sets , Superschall (love it ! ) and Ten Strut. We need more innovative people like The Timewriter !

“Another triumphant long player outing for The Timewriter. Essential Deep House!” “Solid project...all the tracks work for me!”


Nacho Marco:
“I honestly think this is pure art. Amazing work once again, cannot pick a favourite track. Maybe the sweetness of "broken spell", maybe the deepness of "ten strut", or the hypnotic groove of "creatures of the night", it seduces from the first listening.”

Florian Kruse:
“The album is really coooool! Felt so embraced by the sound! I'm sure it will find many, many friends!!!”

“Sometimes I think it was The Timewriter that got me into house music in the first place. His "Jigsaw Pieces" album was my soundtrack for for 99 and this album reminds me of this. Excellent work.“

Nils Nuernberg:
“Big fan of Timewriter's productions for ages... This album has everything an album needs. Setting the benchmark for quality deep house a little higher again. Will definitely play out a lot this tunes. Congrats on this! THX a lot!***“

Seth Troxler:
“broken spell is a straight up bomb“

Roberto Rodriguez:
“Really, really nice and groovy album. Great for listening and great for the club. Lots of great tracks. My favorite is Back In School. Will be spinning the hell out of it. Others as well!”

“solid project... all the tracks work for me!”

Catz’N Dogz:
“Very Good Album, my fav tracks to play is I think Ten Strut feat Ven Lizard, but I’m sure I’ll find some more:) thx”

 Neil Quigley:
“Another beautiful composition from Frank; filled with all the timeless melodies and textures we've come to expect from him, combined with modern, edgy and contemporary elements to place it firmly in the now. Love it!”

Chris Gruber:
“Wow really nice deep Album...The Timewriter at it's best! I like all the tracks...for home listening and also for the club...perfect! High on 24 is my favourite for the club!”

Ed Davenport:
“lovely modern house album. back in school and superschall are the hottest for me, but there are lots of great ideas to be found in here. thanks!”

“great album, full support”

“Great album from The Timewriter”


“Superb works here, full support, long time fan of The Timewriter”

Timo Maas:
“some very cool warm tracks, tasty”

Chris Lattner:
“yeah! deeeeeep stuff! will play most of the tracks! cool album....”

Alex Celler:
“Excellent productions, deep & trippy”

David Alvarado:
“I love Timewriter!. Wonderful release, all tracks will make it in to my night.”

Nicole Moudaber:
“Quality as always. Brilliant album.”

Jet Project:
“Nice oldschool vibes, Back In School, Pasodoble & Superchall jumping out on first inspection.”

Jay Tripwire:
“im really feeling back in school,ten strut,broken spell and creatures of the night,nice simple effective house grooves to keep people dancing.will play for sure.”

Darren House:
“All really good. Love Ten Strut.”

Robert Owens:
“great collection of track”

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