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R.T.A. feat. Katerina

R.T.A. feat. Katerina I Plastic City
Though born and bred Greek, Katerina Papatheodorou´s musical soul was carved in Manchester's dark clubs and bars. While studying sociology and psychology, her student room was decorated with turntables, speakers and records, but her real love was in writting her own songs.

During experimenting with writing lyrics for more club-friendly tracks, she eventually wrote "Unconditional Love", her debut with R.T.A.. The name of here debut EP is really special: "Unconditional love" is a concept that means showing love towards someone regardless of his or her actions or beliefs. It is a concept comparable to true love, a term which is more frequently used to describe love between lovers. By contrast unconditional love is frequently used to describe love between family members, comrades in arms and between others in highly committed relationships. Some secular authors make a distinction between unconditional love and conditional love. In conditional love: love is 'earned' on the basis of conscious or unconscious conditions being met by the lover, whereas in unconditional love, love is 'given freely' to the loved one "no matter what" (definition taken from wikipedia).

Actually, Katerina lives in Rhodes (Greece) and spends most of the time in the recording studio.

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R.T.A. feat. Katerina
Unconditional Love
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