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Nikola Gala & I-Kie

Nikola Gala & I-Kie l Plastic City
Nikola Gala has been producing for the past 10 years and received big attention during the years 2004-2005 by the music industry for the release of the track "Swing 2 Harmony" along with the "Perasma" band. At the same time he produced some well respected tracks which found home on labels like Deep Records, Intrinsic, Fokused, Sprout Music, Precinct, Renaissance, Lost Language Audio Therapy and now also on Plastic City.

Till now he has been an open minded producer to all types of electronic music, listening to his tracks mixed in Electro/Tech-House or Progressive Trance sets it's not unusual. Born, raised and still lives in Thessaloniki/Greece, Nikola is one of the most sought after producers from Greece at the moment, he is quite busy working on new ideas in most of his time at his personal studio. Nikola as a dj left his music mark on many spots around the globe like Stockholm, Cologne, Jakarta, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Kiev just to name a few. His freestyle approach is responsible for mixing tracks from a wide range of quality electronic dance music. During the year 2006 he started running his own digital label "Escada Music" which have gained much support from music fans and dj's around the world,an upcoming label that has much to show in the future.

DJ I-Kie was born in Thessaloniki (Greece) in 1978. After his studies in advertisment and marketing he realosed that his passion for music is this that could bring him opfront the professional occupation of DJing. He started playing in small bars of Thessaloniki in 2000 and rapidly he became on of the best DJs of his town. His unique style (mixture of dirty electronic tech-house) and the feedback of the people made him resdent of the best club in 2001 (Arthouse Club). Taht year he teamed up with Tasos Anthopoulos and started the "non Management" wich brought him full control in the music business of that period.

In 2002 DJ Mikee (QBase Athens) offered him the residency in QBase Athens in the Club U-Matic. He played there till 2005. In between he earned a residency in Stuttgart (Germany) with "Intravenoes Management" and opened a new era in his music experience until 2006. After that he organized one of the newest music agencies in Greece called "System Agency".

Right now DJ I-Kie is living in London (UK), letting international inspiration come trough.

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Nikola Gala & I-Kie
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