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Eddie Leader & Yuriano

Leader & Yuriano I Plastic City
Eddie Leader was first known as one third of DJ & Production trio Slum Science from Huddersfield, England. Slum Science released their 1st EP in 2003 on Belgium label Deep Future and went on to release music on DJ Heather’s Black Cherry Imprint amongst others. Slum Science music has been supported by the likes of Josh Wink, Derrick Carter & Laurent Garnier. In 2005 Slum Science launched Hudd Traxx. Artists on the label include Rolando, Rick Wade, Sascha Dive, Agnes, Luna City Express, DJ Sneak, JT Donaldson, Brett Johnson & many more.

Hudd Traxx quickly became a staple in the house music community and is renound for its consistency. Hudd’s music has been licensed to the likes of Fabric, Om & Ministry Of Sound. 2007 saw Eddie release his 1st solo EP on Phil Weeks Robsoul imprint. Since then Eddie has gone on to release a number of solo EP’s, his latest ‘GILK EP’ being remixed by Detroit Techno legend Rolando, which received support from Ritchie Hawtin, Brothers Vibe, Delano Smith & Sebo K amongst others.

Leader was recently asked by Chicago Guru Chez Damier to remix a track for his Balance Alliance imprint due out late in 2010. Recent collaborations have seen Eddie team up with Romanians Mihai Popoviciu, Jay Bliss & Pagal aswell as with good friends Hector Moralez & Jason Hodges. His latest collab with Indonesian classically & Jazz trained Pianist Yuriano has seen their first EP signed to Plastic City.

As a DJ Eddie has being playing out since 1997. He has rocked venues throughout the UK including Leeds, Manchester, London, Glasgow & Edinburgh, whilst also touring Europe in countries like Germany, Belgium, Spain, France & Romania. Eddie, now based in Manchester, has been asked back to the States every year since his first tour in 2006 and has frequently visited NYC, San Francicso, LA, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Dallas & more.

Yuriano grew up in Jakarta City, Indonesia. He’s been playing musical instruments since the age of 11, and has been trained to play classical piano and jazz guitar. He started DJing and electronic music production in 2005. Yuriano has been working with Indonesian artists as an arranger, sound engineer and also session musician. He’s currently living in Manchester, UK pursuing a masters degree in Audio Production. In Yuriano’s music composition and arrangement he always tries to push the boundaries of traditional musical rules and structure.





Eddie Leader & Yuriano

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